Commercial Moving

If you are looking for a commercial or office moving service that is with a difference, get in touch with our right man customer care support team right away? Moving with Scott Inc is a household name among businesses that periodically need to move their items to new premises.


One of the things that make us special is that we are not like the rest. Our commercial moving service package is in touch with what our clients are looking for and we know what we are doing because we take time to understand the specific commercial moving needs of the client before we even set a date to move the client.

Fair Pricing

The fair prices is not the main factor that actually attract customers to us but the fact that we do not charge exorbitant fees just for the sake. The prices are dependent on the things that will be involved in the move and we do not plan on changing that aspect any time soon.

Contact Us Center

We believe in making sure that we respond to each client that comes to us within the first one hour or less. Therefore, we have set up a modern contact us center that we use to be in contact touch with each of our clients.

Finally, Oakland Movers – affordable moving companies offer free advice that you can take to bank when preparing your items for the move. It has been instrumental in avoid damages such as breakages and losses.